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Lies we have been told about PM and CM


(I am assuming that you are (reader of this article is) a citizen of India and you are a common man, not doing any job as a minister in India. (I am assuming this because I know that ministers doesn't have time to and interest in reading/hearing what the common men want to say.))

Let me ask three simple questions of general knowledge:

  1. Who is the President of India?
  2. Who is the Prime Minister (PM) of India?
  3. Who is the Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat state of India?

(As of writing this (31st October, 2015)), if your answers are Pranab Mukherjee, Narendra Modi and Anandiben Patel, respectively, then the first answer is correct but the last two are wrong.

And, before answering the remaining two questions, there are two more questions I want to ask, slightly different:

  1. Which position has more potency in India – of the President or of the Prime Minister?
  2. Who is greater – you or the Prime Minister? (I think you are shocked. Anyway, read on as of now.)

These last two questions (and their answers, of course) are more important, and you should be aware of the correct answers. But before giving the answers to the above questions, let me expand the knowledge you already have, through logical way.

The government is elected by the citizens of India. So, indirectly, citizens elect the Prime Minister. And the Prime Minister is responsible to the citizens. Citizens can ask questions to the PM (and CM, if we are talking about state) which matters to them. Plus, citizens pay taxes to the government to work for them. Thus, it is Supervisor-Staff like relationship, and you are not a Staff member. So, who you are? Supervisor.

We have been taught to call these ministers "saheb", "sir" etc., and this type of present mean mentality of Indian citizens is in existence since the times of British rulers. In-fact, all the ministers should call you "saheb" or "sir". Britishers were ruling on us and therefore they had right to call themselves "sir" by the Indian citizens. In 1947, India got freedom from them; more than 67 years have been passed, but still the mentality of being slave has not changed! Do you know, it is democracy now, where citizens are in root of this system?

So, you have got the answer of the fifth question – you are greater than the Prime Minister. And not just Prime Minister, greater than all ministers.

Now, answer to the fourth question is – the President is greater than the Prime Minister in India. President is the Commander in Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. And there are many other greater rights to and responsibilities of the President. So, the equation is: President > Citizen > (Prime) Minister(s).

Now let's talk about the second and third questions. Actually the questions are wrong! The questions should be:

  1. Who is the Prime Minister in India?
  2. Who is the Chief Minister in Gujarat state of India?

Please note the preposition "in" before the words "India" (in 2nd question) and "Gujarat" (in 3rd question); because there is no "Prime Minister of India" or "Chief Minister of Gujarat". The difference is between "in" and "of". So, how does it change the meaning?

India is a country; and a country is made up of people (citizens) actually. (That's why there is no country in Antarctica continent.) The Prime Minister is not of India, or specifically, not Prime Minister of citizens of India. The Prime Minister is of other ministers. Ministers in India work under the Prime Minister's control. This same logic also applies to Chief Ministers in states of India.

But why I am telling this to you? To let you (the common man) know that you are not that mean than the PM or CM - how much you may be considering yourself. And not only PM and CM, there are lots of other government officers, are like your service providers and you are a customer (King, as said "Customer is King"); and police is also a service provider. In India, we are seeing that the Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers are ruling as if they are king! They are blocking the roads whenever they are about to pass by the roads. Hundreds of police employees and officers have to be present to serve them, without thinking about own personal life and duty time. Lots of people's day-to-day life gets affected by this show-off. Crores of rupees (of common men) are wasted for events and celebrations. Big conventions are organized and people are bought (not brought) to attend these events, celebrations, and conventions. (How much does it worth? Has anybody made balance sheet of income-outcome?) Is the CM or PM asking you whether they should organize these events or not? If they want to organize, why they are not funding it from their own money, why common men have to finance?

Anyway, a big website can be built for such topics! So, the main topic of this article is - they are not your PM or CM. I don't mean here that you should not respect the PM or CM or other ministers; but they are eligible to get the same amount of respect how much a common man is getting. You should know about your rights or ask for it. Wipe out your old British mentality. You have already got freedom; just wake up now.

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