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How (not) to eat chocolate


Eating chocolate actually means gnawing (to bite or chew on, especially persistently). Once when I was eating a chocolate, someone gave me a piece of sweet to eat. So, I chew the chocolate speedily and then ate the sweet. I noticed that - because of chewing chocolate speedily, some chocolate was stuck with teeth, especially to the inner corners of them. I almost immediately needed to brush but I wasn't at home. I felt that if I don't brush my teeth thoroughly, the chocolate will harm them. I remembered teeth of some children who have very bad teeth because of eating too much chocolate.

However, after thinking deeply, I realized that eating too much chocolate doesn't much harm but chewing speedily could harm a lot. Because when chewing speedily, some chocolate get attached to inner corners of teeth. Then even the toothbrush may not help quite. But gnawing slowly doesn't create much problem, because saliva dissolves the chocolate and it almost goes directly into stomach, resulting in very little chocolate sticking with teeth which we can clean by drinking some water.

So, tell to children and to yourself to never chew chocolate speedily but gnaw it slowly.

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